Become Rich & Famous through your Socks

How do rich and famous people become rich and famous? Perhaps each morning they make good sock decisions to give them that ‘step’ in the right direction.

Even Jeremy Paxman is impressed with Jon Snow's socks

Even Jeremy Paxman is impressed with Jon Snow’s socks

Exploring further, below we have profiled a number of well known individuals who are famous for their sock wearing. Consequentially, for you the reader, there are some interesting style choices, poses and messages to be gleaned…

Jon Snow – Much loved news presenter “dances around” interviews in his colourful socks

Famous Jon Snow Wearing Orange Socks

Jon Snow, style icon, wearing orange socks

A major highlight of the Channel 4 news programme, is this sharp and searching news presenter, journalist and seen by many, a style icon. He shows us how to wear socks with suits.

Quite possibly he gets his powers from his immaculately co-ordinated socks and tie combinations. Jon Snow states “Socks and ties are the only ostentatious statement a well-dressed man can make”. His talent here appears to be validated by a Facebook appreciation group and a YouTube tribute video, each celebrating his sock style.
Having identified that these garments always seem to be matching, the question is, which colour does he use for which scenarios? With orange (socks) being said to be a colour of optimism, does he perhaps use these for tough interviews?


Peter Jones – Takes steps to become successful entrepreneur with own sock style and line

The Queen looking at Peter Jones' Socks

Queen looking at Peter Jones’ Socks

Successful entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den Investor, Peter Jones is well known for wearing bright stripped socks on television. After receiving so many enquiries he decided to start his own range of Peter Jones patterned socks.

Peter Jones believes first impressions of people are very important. Previously he has turned down investments due to poor dress efforts. One critical area of dressing is of course socks!

One of his favored moves is the folding legs manoeuvre, which not only presents composure but provides the “sock flash”. If executed well in a business scenario, it can have lethal consequences!

So if you want to become successful or have tens or hundreds of thousands invested in you, wear decent socks.


The Red Hot Chilli Peppers – “Pull your socks up… The Chilli’s are coming!”

How to Become Famous through your Socks, by MyFavouriteSocks

Chilli Peppers Promo Poster using Socks

This move is a little risque and extreme for the individual who wants to feel great and display his panache to his work colleagues or that attractive lady across the room.

However, what an iconic image for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers with white socks to promote their single “Fight Like a Brave” from 1987. Images like this very much highlighted their melodic talents. Infact they frequently performed in this manner, for instance on their summer Californication tour in 2000. Of course, this outfit would only have been suitable for the summer season!

For the less squeamish of you, see below for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers performing in their “socks”. You have been warned!  Chilli Peppers, Right on Time, wearing “socks”

Well there you have it for how to become “rich and famous”. Wear decent socks that are styled suitably for the occasion.


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