How to Have Fun with Novelty Socks

Hey! You are feeling happy OR are in need of happiness in your life. It is time to get out the novelty socks.

Have fun with novelty socks

Suitable novelty socks for suitable situations

Your novelty funny socks are going to maintain and make you feel great inside.

Furthermore they are good instruments to spread love to others and at a moment of your choosing. Of course, feeling and spreading love is what is important in life.  :-)

What are Novelty Socks?
Just to be clear, novelty socks are socks with visible bold imagery on as below. They can be categorised further by types including silly socks and funny socks.

Money Novelty Funny Socks

You are so loaded with Money Novelty Socks

How Powerful are Novelty Socks?
Novelty socks can be incredibly powerful. For example funny socks can elicit spontaneous laughter in a person. Or silly socks can poke fun at a person which they may secretly enjoy.
As a real life example, the UK’s NHS Trust felt novelty socks were so powerful that they banned them from one of their hospitals in East Lancashire. As reported in:
London Metro: Novelty Socks Banned at Work  |  Telegraph: No Novelty Socks, Not Funny

<Could do an image of novelty socks with a cross over them>

Why are Novelty Socks Powerful?
Novelty socks are positive for you for three reasons.

  1. Setting the Mind Frame
    • Putting fun socks on is typically one of the first things you do in a day and consequentially this sets your frame of mind.
  2. Constant Reminder
    • Due to your feet sensitivity throughout the day you will be constantly reminded of your socks, especially if they are of good quality.
    • Infact your feet have one of the largest concentrations of nerve endings in your body, with between 100,000 – 200,000 exteroceptors per sole.
  3. Influence over Others
    • By flashing your funny socks at others this can elicit positive emotions that will come back to you.

How to Flash your Novelty Socks?
There are several methodologies to flash your socks which depend on various factors. These include: the immediate situation, desired intensity of flash and what props are available. See below for a few options:

  1. The Take Off Shoes Manouevre
Novelty Card Socks

Take Shoes off for high Exposure

This is a great way of demonstrating your wears (and your manners). But this can only be done where it is socially acceptable, for example when visiting someone’s house. A great example is for when you go to a house get together (Christmas, birthday, etc.). Why not wear playing cards novelty socks to give you luck in a game?

  1. The Trouser Pull Up

This requires a belt and some kind of second top for example a jumper for concealment. Although your midriff may be in slight discomfort it can provide a nice exposure if walking or placed in an overt position.
A good example of this is in the office, where you could demonstrate your tremendous success and wealth (see above- What are Novelty Funny Socks- Money Socks)

  1. The Sit Down
Tiger Novelty Funny Socks

Show your masculinity; put on Tiger Novelty Socks

This provides an excellent subtle opportunity to perform your flash, especially if seat is well positioned. Even better, if you are seated in an elevated place. Beautifully the flash will only last as long as you want to be seated or are in a certain position. An excellent opportunity for this is a hot date, here why not wear your Tiger Novelty Socks to show your manliness and spirit.

There are several more manoeuvres that we will explore in further blogs.
So there you are. Novelty socks are powerful and have many fun applications in making you and the world loved.


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