When Socks have “Had It” & the Sock Journey

 ‘A relationship is not based on the length of time you spent together; it’s based on the foundation you built together.’

Dead Socks are not good for you

Dead Socks are not good for you

There’s a lot of sense in this and same applies to your favourite socks. Socks are not meant to last eternity but while your destinies are briefly entwined it’s important to wear them with style and rock the world. Knowing when to upgrade is a great skill. To help you know when it’s time to part ways we’ve created The Sock Journey.

The Sock JourneyT

We tend to hold onto socks too long – a drawer of Holy socks worn through by repetitive abrasion or bacterial decay is enough to turn the nose of any amorous lover or dissuade future employers. The uncomfortable, yet important, question is how to know enough is enough, when the thread no longer holds the relationship together and you must scrutinise those gaping holes under the cold light of reality.

The Sock Journey; Happiness (y) versus Time (x)

The Sock Journey; Happiness (y) versus Time (x)

Socks don’t just go from headline act to eeking out an existence playing on your sentimentality in just one day. The relationship of love between you and your socks grows over time, but then eventually and sadly, deteriotation occurs and with it the deteriotation of the relationship, until the socks no longer are useful.


  1. Impact Socks – These can include novelty socks, personalised socks or casual socks. It doesn’t matter what their intended purpose but wearing these shows you at your best. With these new socks under your heels -you will be at your most comfortable, flying like a butterfly and stinging like a scorpion.
  2. In Love/ My Favourite Socks – The relationship is in full flow. You love the socks and the socks love you and they are fully operational and functional. The world is great. 
  3. Last resort Socks – You’ve been through a lot together, its stretched the fibre of the silly socks and those pesky holes are only getting bigger. The zenith of their performance is behind these socks now but they can still be used for DIY and in last resort circumstances.
  4. Goodbye socks – Your toes are poking through, the ankle rub won’t go and all cushioning has gone. Its time to say goodbye, this can be hard but no one says it better than Luciano Pavarotti Nessun Dorma/None shall sleep.


Goodbye Socks: Causes and Identification?
(Warning: This section contains traumatic images)

When are Socks Dead: Holy Socks

When are Socks Dead: Holy Socks

Holy Socks – This can result from sharp toenails, toe protrusion, socks being too small,poor quality socks or poor fitting shoes. Holes around the ankle can be caused by shape of your foot and poor fitting shoes or shoe degradation.

Advice: Cut your nails, wear good shoes and buy good quality socks


When are Socks Dead: Beyond Helps Socks

When are Socks Dead: Beyond Help Socks

Beyond Help Socks – Sometimes neglected and mistreated socks can’t be brought back to good health. Endurance events, outdoor storage and ravaging by wild animals are just a few examples to be aware about.

Advice: Wear the right socks for the appropriate events, be normal, live in a house and wear shoes..


When are Socks Dead: Biohazardous  Socks

When are Socks Dead: Biohazardous Socks

Biohazardous  Socks – This is a classic sign of poor sock treatment and within confined spaces can have truly devastating effects. The smell doesn’t come from your sweat but bacteria feeding on it. Nasty!

Advice: Wash your feet, treat athlete’s foot, avoid foods high in sulpur and refined carbs, wear leather shoes, try our cashmere socks.



Not all socks are born equal and some brands will last longer than others. To find out more about the sock used at MyFavouriteSocks.com click here.


What colour socks do bears wear?
(They don’t wear socks, they have bear feet!)


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