The Magic of Christmas Personalised Stockings

Christmas is a joyful time of year and its all the little touches which make the difference. We especially get excited during this period because the noble sock plays an essential role. One of them being stockings filled with toys bring happiness to young kids and often adults too.

The Origins of Christmas Stockings

Odin: "Thou Shalt Not Pass!"

Odin: “Thou Shalt Not Pass!”

St Nicholas: also known as Golden Balls

St Nicholas: Worth leaving  out your stockings for

The origins of Christmas stockings go back before Christ to the Norse god, Odin. This omnipotent figure was a muse for J.R.R. Tolkien’s Gandalf and you may already know one of his many sons – Thor the god of Thunder. As Christianity spread Odin’s story merged with that of St. Nicholas who threw bags of gold into a pious impoverished man’s house landing in stockings drying by the fire.


So what are the benefits to hanging a stocking out this Christmas?

You might not find gold bags but stockings are an important part of Christmas whose real value can be measure in other ways. Stockings represent unconditional giving and strengthen family bonds. They also are a key part of the Christmas decorations and can remain hanging in the sitting room till the end of Christmas. When there are presents for giving and your floor can look like a dismantled paper factory, stockings also help to keep everything tidy as useful sack for keeping everything together. Finally, if you have children the threat of receiving coal, and not presents, in a stocking can be a powerful lever for controlling behaviour!

What features make the Best Christmas Stocking?

Picking the right stocking can be a very personal decision based on your own tastes and circumstances. But here’s a few tips from

  • Design: Choose bright colours with seasonal patterns. Often the best are uncluttered designs so the names are clearly visible.
  • Size: Nothing looks better than a full stocking so we would recommend carefully choosing the right size so it appears well stocked not just full of air.
  • Personalised Stockings: Having your own name emblazoned on the stocking makes all the difference. It adds permanence because you know it’ll be yours next year and it can also prevent any scruffling over who it belongs to.
  • Loop: This can be easily overlooked but make sure your stocking has a strong, decent sized loop to hang it up.

Now that you know which one to buy, where to hang it?

Before Christmas Eve,  a good place to hang your stockings is in the sitting room. This should be near to the fire or close to the Christmas tree. We would recommend flaunting your brightly coloured Christmas personalised stockings high up so that everyone can see them. Then to prepare for Santa’s arrival, move your stockings to the bedroom and make sure they can be easily found. After opening them on Christmas Day, the stockings can be filled with wrapping and put back into their original location.

Here are a few examples to show where stockings can hang. (1) In front of the fire, (2) On the wall and (3) in front of the TV.

Stockings look great above the fire place..


You might have to explain to kids that hanging them up again doesn’t mean Santa will come again. We hope you’re as excited about Christmas as we are and here’s another person who is excited. Just watch his reaction when he finds out Santa’s COMING…!!

If you’re looking for inspiration, looking to purchase Stockings or personalised stockings, take a look at MyFavouriteSocks range here.



Name the child’s favourite King?
(The Stocking)



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