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Impressive Choreography from The Sock Song

Who knew that socks were so funny and play such an important role in entertaining our society?

Remarkably, funny socks have become so widespread, ranging from appearances on the stage to soothing people’s eardrums. This was too much fun for the National Health Service who decided to ban them.

Funny Socks on Stage

Going into detail, funny socks are evidently popular on the stage with significant YouTube followings as below:

  • A sock puppet parody YouTube channel drawing in over 900,000 views and 15000 subscribers. My personal favourite is Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit, see below:

Funny Socks Features in the musical world too

  • The Artic Monkeys have done a song about “knee high socks” where they have helped to get rid of the January Blues- LINK
  • There is “The Socks Song”, with over 3.3million views and featuring remarkable dancing socks and argyle socks everywhere


NHS Bans Novelty Socks

Novelty Socks banned by NHS

NHS Bans Novelty Socks

Clearly this all too much fun for the NHS who are too busy doing a great job for the United Kingdom where remarkably they were banned novelty socks few years back. See: LINK





Money Novelty Funny Socks

You are so money with your money novelty socks

If you feel left out and want your own funny sock experience, check out our novelty socks and funny socks range at: LINK

My personal favourite are my money novelty socks, where contrary to my actual reality, for a few moments I can feel like I am walking in money.


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