Mother’s Day Style Socks

Mothers Day Ideas by My Favourite Socks

Love your mum, your creator

Sunday March 15th should be an important date in your diary; a chance to show your mother your love and how important and appreciated she is.

Your mother has mostly likely, kindly brought you up, fed you, kept the family together, been the source of great love and generally been a wonderful person with unconditional love. This Sunday we should give back.

A common method to demonstrate your love is through beautiful flowers. However, an idea might be to get something less conventional and actually useful for more than a few days, to make your mark. Eh let me think… Great socks could be a good idea! Especially, with coldish weather likely to reappear over the next couple of months, we recommend the following:

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Ladies Cashmere Socks Grey- Full Length-2a

Personalised Socks by My Favourite Socks

Personalised Initialed & Heart Socks

World famous Pantherella ladies cashmere socks are loved by mothers to keep their toes soft & warm on a cold day.  Personalised socks with a heart are popular.

Order by 12th March, 12pm to ensure delivery in time.

Happy Mother’s Day.

The My Favourite Socks team


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