Wedding Socks- The Ultimate Guide

Wedding Socks: Make an Impact with Bright Socks

Make an Impact with Bright Socks

This article is for anyone interested in getting wedding socks either from the wedded couple’s or a guest’s perspectives. Here we give you the reasons why they are a great gift and all the options to drape a wedding out in style.

Setting the Scene

“Going to get married…la la…” it’s going to be one of the most wonderful days of your life. Happiness, joy,  smiles, laughter all around!To maximise this euphoria, you need to celebrate in style to ensure that it really is that PERFECT DAY. In addition to the conventional aspects, such as good venue, weather (?!?), alcohol and food there is another aspect that really send the day into hyperdrive…… Wedding Socks!

Two Reasons why Wedding Socks are a Must Have

1- Style up the Wedding: If you are having a conventional wedding with ushers, best men and fathers of the bride/groom etc. you will have a number of dashing “ambassadors” marshalling the wedding. There is no better way to add a touch of class to a man, than by having a little flash of sock coming out.

Wedding Socks Provide Excellent Posing Opportunities

Wedding Socks Provide Excellent Posing Opportunities

Every stylish man wearing a suit, knows that his tie and socks are the limited options to convey his supreme awesomeness!

2- A Great Gift: By having mens wedding socks, in addition to bringing class to the proceedings, it also can be a fantastic memento to those close to you. Either give them to the groom party or if you have budget why not give out favours to everyone.

Mens wedding socks that are especially momentous are personalised socks, where you can really thank people for their efforts with a heartfelt message. More specifically, to any groom or bride, what better way to enhance your relationship with the father in law, than by giving him some great socks.


The Definitive Review of Wedding Socks Options

Assuming you are “on board” and feel this could add some class and awesomeness to your wedding, read on… If so, the next stage is to decide on what style to go for. Wedding socks options are broadly categorised as follows:

Yellow Flash Harry Wedding Socks

Yellow Flash Harry Wedding Socks

1- Flash Harry Socks

These scream happiness, fun and excitement and certainly will ensure your groomsparty are noticed.

Options: Plain bright socks e.g.: Yellow Socks  & Red Socks  and Funky Luxury Striped Socks.


Wedding Socks: Match Groom and Brides Socks and Shoes

Match Grooms Socks and Brides Shoes

2- Matching Colour Scheme Socks

Here you choose a deliberate colour to match either the brides/ bridesmaid and/or ushers ties and/or flowers.

Options: Formal Socks in same colour as bride’s shoes



Role Wedding Socks

Role Wedding Socks by My Favourite Socks

3- Role Socks

Congratulate and thank your inner team with their position in your dream team.

Options: The Groom Socks, Best Man Socks, Usher Socks, Father of the Groom Socks, Father of the Bride Socks



Novelty Socks by My Favourite Socks

Novelty Wedding Socks by My Favourite Socks

4- Novelty/ Themed Socks

Max out the humour factor with novelty socks, as per image have batman & robin socks, . What kind of wedding is it? Beach, country, city…. What goes well with that? E.g. for a country/farmer wedding why not go for some novelty sheep?!  Options: Music Novelty Socks, Tiger Novelty Socks, Nuclear Physics Socks



5- “Encouragement” Funny Socks

Similar to Novelty socks, to stop the nerves from creeping in, why not inject some encouragement/ humour into the proceedings. A popular option here is to give the groom “. <See Image& Link>

Options: So you do not get Cold Feet Socks



Bespoke Personalised Wedding Socks

Bespoke Personalised Wedding Socks

6-“Classy” Bespoke Personalised Socks

Have a powerful message written on your socks. For instance your names and/or date and/or a message.

Options: Bespoke Personalised Socks




Assorted Colour Wedding Socks

Assorted Colour Wedding Socks

7- Assorted Colour Socks

Go a little more “leftfield” here and possibly with more co-ordination required. How about something important to you… like the colours of the rainbow..?

Options: Mens Formal SocksFunky Luxury Striped Socks


The Next Steps

Once you have sorted your socks out, the next stage is to give them to the relevant people. Either send them to each individual prior to the event, with a note if you like. Or alternatively and more pragmatically hand out them out on the day. Give them out early to avoid stress and ensure the replaced socks and their aroma do not also come to the wedding too, :-) .

Socks chosen- tick…   Socks allocated-tick…

Then of course, finally and importantly  it comes down to the all Important Wedding Socks Pictures. It goes without saying ensure you execute killer poses for the photos so they and you can be immortalized. Have fun with those wedding socks!

Assorted Wedding Socks

Assorted Striped Wedding Socks

Strong Wedding Sock Pose

Strong Wedding Sock Pose


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