Choose Great Socks for your man on Father’s Day

Choose the Right Socks for the Right Man

Choose the Right Socks for the Right Man

Stuck for ideas on what to get your husband or dad this father’s day.

Look no further and read on. This blog will identify socks for your specific man and make him an even happier father!


It is that time of year; the opportunity to show your husband or father your love and gratitude. They are certainly different from the female race, but are useful and can even be great! When children come into the family they can often be disregarded as the “spare part”, so father’s day is an opportunity to shower him in love and show him you care deeply about him.

Socks are an Awesome Gift

Love Socks

Socks Deserve Love

We strongly disagree with people who are negative about these great clothing items saying they are boring. They are wrong. They serve a very important role in comfort, style and psychology.

Firstly they keep one of our most sensitive areas of the body comfortable; there is a higher concentration of nerve endings in our feet.  Secondly, socks are an awesome way to express yourself whether you are in a homogenous suit or lounging around on the sofa at home. Thirdly, they are an intimate product and one of the first things a man will look at at the beginning of the day; a touching message there or memory could reinforce a day or a relationship.

So all the fad product pushers of products such as belly button brushes, moustache products etc. need to pipe down and stop misallocating societies resources!

Socks are better than Fad Products

Hosiery beat Fad Products

The key here is to get the right socks for the right dad. As above the product characteristics must align with your man’s needs.  An extreme example, a father in the artic will not appreciate summer style bamboo socks. Below we will help you with your dad..

Find Socks for your Man

People are fascinating, we are all so uniquely different. That is why you have chosen your man… Here we have categorised the different  types of men. Based on those categories and past observations we have created a handy guide on which socks your man will like to receive.

Which category is your dad/husband in and from that what will he love?! Will he adore his novelty socks or crave some funny ones. Find out here! Be informed, pick well and enjoy a making your man happy! Happy Father’s Day.

Type of Father/ Man   Recommended Socks
Image Description

Worker Dads like sharp socks

Efficiency includes sharp feet

The Worker Dad 
Efficiency rules & he needs to feel sharp to compliment the killer black shoes. His hosiery will of course be pulled up to provide calf support so he can walk briskly and “make things happen”.
Mens Formal Socks
Falke High quality formal
Money Novelty
Socks give style to workwear         Style Workwear to feel stylish The Self Employed Man
He’s different, “special” & creative. Feet style needs to reflect this and ensure he sticks out from the mere mortals!
> Peter Jones Socks – He will turn out like this
> Funky Luxury Mercerised
> Regimental Striped
Sock Connoisseur             The Sock Connoisseur The Connoisseur Husband
The finer things in life matter, whisky, food…feet fashion. He is so sophisticated!
> Argyle socks; just look at those textures!
> Regimental Striped
Likes to stand out socks         Eccentrics likes to stand out The Eccentric Dad
Old school man. “Ah dad you are so embarrassing. Thinks he is a monarch but has fantastic banter. Absolutely loves to wear knee high and old school socks.
> Knee high socks
> Regimental Striped
Nuclear Physics Novelty
Great Father Socks        Model father’s love appreciation The Great Father
He is so good he makes you look bad. The kids love him and he loves to love the kids. Is this normal?! He also loves casual hosiery as he spends so much time in the kids room.He also does lots of sports to stay in a good frame of mind for the kids
Personalised socks, e.g. “I love you dad”. | See here for examples.
> Men’s Casual Socks> Thorlo Tennis

Fun Dad love Funny Socks

Fun Dad love Funny Hosiery

The Fun Dad
Where is he? Being Social, playing sports or spending time with mum. Funny dads love to laugh and give laughter. They absolutely love sporty and funny hosiery.
> Funny Socks
> Thorlo Tennis
> Novelty
> Union Jack

Sexy Dad has it All

Sexy Dad has it All

The Sexy Husband
Wow you have done well. This man epitomises style and is so beautiful. Beautiful things need to clothed beautifully and this includes stylish socks. A peacock in a man!
> Men’s Cashmere Socks
> Funky Luxury Mercerised

Lazy Dad Socks

Lazy Dad likes being homely

Lazy (sometimes) Dad
“Dad why do you lie in on Sundays?”. You think he works too hard, but when it comes to the weekends he really just wants to rest all the time. Anything that makes his feet cosy and warm will definitely be embraced
> Men’s Cashmere Socks
> Men’s Casual

Dictators like Military Socks

Dictators like military style

Dictator Dad
“Family fall into line, left-right, left-right!”. Power exudes from this man and this extends to how he and his family must dress. They also seem to love white ones for some strange reason!
> Knee high socks
“I am the Boss” Novelty

Stylish Dads love Funky Socks

Stylish Dads love being funky

Stylish Husband
He is so stylish in everything he does. Of course this extends to his feet. He will wear what enhances his current mood and is appropriate for the situation. For example if he is feeling frisky then it will be stripy ones if a  little reserved he will go for the single colour. Fascinating to observe!
> Men’s Cashmere Socks

> Men’s Casual

> Funky Luxury Mercerised

If you feel we have missed out on a category, please email us at mail(at)




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